Compleo off-market Superyachts


A very unique approach to purchasing a luxury superyacht. If you are seeking an exceptional yacht and lifestyle there is “Compleo Private”

Compleo Superyachts off-market section comprises of three important section, (Off-market Superyachts built,
New construction hull that are built and a Superyacht not on the market that is desired by a new owner.
When looking to purchase a very specific high-end luxury superyacht, the high-end market is very unique, and a special approach is required. If you are looking for your dream superyacht quickly the reality is that others will also be looking at the same limited market.
Many of the top luxury superyacht built or at the halve built hull stage are not listed for sale because ultra-high-net-worth owners that are rich and famous and or a manufacturer with a special secret project, they want to protect their privacy, with confidentiality paramount owners and buyers use off-market trusted brokers and advisors. The benefits of purchasing an off-market superyacht are immense the main benefits are:

Substantial cost reduction No waiting for the yacht you require • Build a new yacht in half the time
Descreet & Confidential process Global network of exceptional partners