Compleo Superyachts

Compleo Superyachts was established with the sole purpose of making the process of purchasing a yacht or building a new bespoke yacht as easy and transparent as possible. Whether you are a seasoned owner or are thinking about becoming a super yacht owner we are here to help you with your purchase

Compleo Superyachts is the product of the teams' success and professionalism in the sale, financing and new construction, project management of some of the most prestigious Superyachts to grace the worlds' oceans

Alan Maslanka


Alan’s introduction to finance came when he moved to Ireland in the late 80’s and started his career as a large luxury asset finance consultant, arranging finance for Helicopters and Private Jets, then moving into Superyachts.


As CEO of Compleo Superyachts Alan has overall responsibility to our clients and the industry. Confidentiality, trust, and transparency have been the pillars to our success.

Alan has been very privileged to be trusted to advise on the finance, sale and re-finance of some of the most prestigious and expensive Superyachts ever to grace the world’s oceans, working with amazing teams and owners spanning the globe.

Albert McIlroy


Albert’s experience within the marine and Superyacht industry has span over 30 years. And he is one of the most recognised and renowned superyacht advisors in the industry.


As Sales & Project Manager of Compleo Superyachts, Albert has overall responsibility to our clients and suppliers for the sale and construction of new and used yachts.

Albert has been sourced to advise and project manage some of the most renowned superyacht projects to grace the oceans, as a owners representative, chief engineer and project manager.

Management Team

Business development opportunities and partnership opportunities contact:

Alan Maslanka
GSM +353 86 7930990

Sales opportunities contact:

Albert McIlroy
GSM +39 339 129 1887


Superyachts are our passion and our life. It has never been a job but a vocation and a privilege, this motivates and gives us great satisfaction giving our customers what they require, before they have asked, always being ahead within the industry.


Compleo Superyachts objective is to maintain an ethical business with a strong cultural awareness, upholding and understanding the values for all people from every culture and background.

The company strives to protect the interests of our customers and partners by making responsible decisions that shows the brands professionalism.

Our goal is to demystify and improve the purchase process of owning a superyacht.

Compleo Superyachts understands the importance to enhance the environmental performance of the company and continuously works with our partners and supply chain to maintain the highest of standards.

"Exclusivity Redefined" one of our major goals is to always seek perfection and exclusivity for our Superyacht designs and interior.

“Compleo" what is in a name - Latin for, to complete, fulfil, finish, provide or furnish, all-inclusive services.

We believe that creating an all-inclusive, widely shared, superyacht ecosystem requires collaboration at every level in this exclusive luxury sector that we are very privileged to be part of.


The vision of Compleo Superyachts is to always let the customer experience the zenith of Superyacht ownership.

Allow the customer to enjoy the freedom and security of superyacht ownership from one of the world leaders in the industry and renowned figures in our sector.

Always be at the cutting edge of technology and strive for more eco-friendly propulsion systems.

Ahead of the curve regarding premium quality and uniqueness coupled with an experience that is unmatched, unprecedented, and unmistakably Compleo.

At Compleo we want to be the best Superyacht company in the world. Because of our team’s great experience and excellent platform, we believe this is within our reach.


Compleo Superyachts and its team have built their reputations over many years in fact over 100 years of collective experience in the industry (Sales-Finance-Insurance), these untarnished and respected reputations have been built on the foundations of clear values, these values being;

Customer focus and a commitment to people, with the highest level of cultural awareness and respect of all cultures and background, no exception.

Efficiency, dedication, transparency, professionalism, and honesty are all key values of the business and its team, we lead with passion

We always honour the customer and strive to be amazing together. But more than anything...

At Compleo we want to be the best Superyacht company in the world. Because of our team’s great experience and excellent platform, we believe this is within our reach.

“Your confidentiality and family security are our priority”

Corporate & Social Responsibility

The Compleo team has always been at the forefront of environmental issues and the research and conservation of the wildlife that rely on our world’s oceans.

Our CEO Alan is a professional bird ringer/bander for the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) and National Parks and Wildlife Services of Ireland (NPWS) has been a wildlife conservationist for over 40 years and is currently researching, funding and conserving sea bird’ colonies on and around the Island of Ireland.

The Superyacht industry is reliant on the worlds oceans and the Superyacht ecosystem must always be focused on new and improved methods to sustain an equal balance and help replenish its resources.

Our sales and project manager, Albert has been at the forefront of new environmental friendly propulsion systems and hybrid technology for many years and is helping owners and manufacturers move from traditional fossil fuel propulsion methods to new greener systems such as hybrid electricity and solar.